Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hacks Episode 12: Angel Luis Colón

In this comeback episode, Jay is joined by Angel Luis Colón, author of The Fury Of Blacky Jaguar.

They have a good discussion about the lack of diversity in crime fiction, as well as the overlooked question of where all the young crime readers are. But don't worry, there's the usual level of filth, comic book chat and sex talk that you expect from Hacks.

Topics Discussed;

Dave White? Fuck That Guy.
John Cleese’s Three Rules Of comedy.
Al Guthrie’s Advice.
Five Borough Roulette. 
How To Do Readings.
Actings Like A Pro…But Shit. 
Does Crime Need Less World building?
Our TBR Piles. 
Always The Next Thing.
Bicycle Sex.
Porn Subcultures. 
Bicycle Sex Again. 
Crime Fiction Needs To Move Beyond The Classics.
Ted Lewis.
The Age Problem In Crime Fiction. 
J David Osborne.
Diversity In Crime Fiction (Lack Of.)
Trying To bring In YA readers.
 What’s The Difference Between Dystopia And Crime?
How Other Genre’s Are Handling Their Shit.
Using Awards And Panels To Be Inclusive.
The Greatness Of Jen Conley
Are We Whining?
Comic Books.
The Purple Man Problem.