Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hacks. Episode 6: Eva Dolan, Luca Veste & Nick Quantrill, Part One.

Jay is joined by Eva Dolan, Luca Veste and Nick Quantrill

Topics up for discussion include;

Fucked-Up Teeth.
Posh Boy Joe Strummer.
Punk Liaison Officer.
Where Does The North Start?
Hull’s Isolation.
Liverpool’s Development.
Liverpool and Glasgow’s Slave Trading Past.
Slavery Hasn’t Gone Away.
The Immigration Debate.
State Arts Funding.
Should Writers Talk Politics?
Being Challenged By Crime Fiction.
How To Write Racist Characters.
Sectarianism In Glasgow.
Hatred In And Of Religion.
Harrogate Crime Festival.
Bloody Scotland.
The Crime Fiction Community.
Is There A Generation Of Writers Coming Through?
Does Art Need Fear?
Did We Not Land On The Moon?

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