Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hacks. Episode 8: Eva Dolan, Luca Veste & Nick Quantrill, Part Two

 Part Two of the long and rambling conversation between Eva Dolan, Luca Veste, Nick Quantrill, and Jay Stringer. 

Topics Discussed;

Jay’s Big Payday.
Helen FitzGerald.
Domestic Noir.
Our Oscar Acceptance Speeches.
Luca’s Film Pitch.
Casting Our Books.
Jay’s Doctor Who Geekery.
Romancing Konrath.
Legacy Vs. Amazon.
Small Presses.
Brick & Mortar Stores.
Do We Need A Union?
Bad Reviews.
Public Persona.
Talking Politics In Public.
Is Crime Fiction Too Conservative?
Police Procedurals.
P.I. Fiction.
What Would You Do Differently?

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