Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hacks. Episode 10: Anthony Neil Smith, Part One.

Jay is joined by Anthony Neil Smith (Worm, Yellow Medicine.)

Topics include;

Bullshit barber Science.
Authors With Wikipedia Entries. 
Jed Ayres: Cult Leader. 
Craft Beer.
Trains, Plains & Automobiles.
Coming Up With Book Titles. 
The Duggar Hypocrisy.
Politics On Social Media. 
Celebrity Snore-Fest.
Bashing Franzen.
Everyone In Britain Is Unhappy.
Going For Easy Emotions. 
Is There A Difference Between U.S. and Brit Procedurals?
Lone Wolf Characters.
American VS. British TV seasons. 
Breaking Into Comics.
Chasing Success As A Novelist.
Do Nickleback Suck?
MFA courses.
Write What You Know Or Know What You Write.
The American Class System.

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